Administrative Departments

- Academic Publishing and Printing Presses

- Administrative Affairs and Employment

- Budgets and Quality Assurance

- Campus Safety and Security

- Financial Management

- Housing and Recreational Facilities

- Housing Maintenance Management

- Information Technology and Communications Center

- International Cooperation and Scientific Societies

- Landscaping Management and Support

- Legal Department

- Management and Development Studies

- Operation and Support Services

- Procurement and Warehouse Management

- Property Management

- Public Administration and Media Relations

- Public Services and Utilities

- Quality Assurance Management

- Recreational Space for Faculty and Staff

- Statistics and Information

- Strategic Plan 2030

- Transportation

- Warehouse Control Management 

- Warehouse Control Management 

Vision Realization Office

Rector's Office

 King Saud University, led by Rector Badran Al-Omar, has educated generations of leaders in government, the private sector and Saudi Arabia’s cultural life. Its academics and research play an important role in the growth and prosperity of the nation, and Dr. Al-Omar is committed to translating this student excellence and world-class research in ways that will improve the lives of the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Rector and Vice Rectors

Dr. Badran Al-Omar


Dr. Abdullah S. Al-Salman

Vice Rector

Dr. Mohammed S AL-Numay

Vice Rector for Educational Academic Affairs

Dr. Ali M. Masmali

Vice Rector for Planning and Development

Dr.Yazeed A Al-Sheikh

Vice Rector for Graduate Studies & Scientific Research

Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Sugair

Vice Rector for Projects

Dr.Guzayel S. Al aisa

Vice Rector for Female Student Affairs

University Council

The University Council, KSU’s most prestigious administrative authority, considers all University activities, especially KSU’s educational objectives and issues that affect faculty, staff and students. It makes recommendations to the Rector regarding the development and evaluation of University programs and policies.

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