Community Services

Community service represents the third function of universities and educational institutions and comes after teaching and scientific research. It is a professional humanitarian service that aims to raise the efficiency of societies, transfer knowledge, and raise the efficiency of education through multiple types of community work in various fields. In addition to developing the capabilities of society and its institutions with positive innovative solutions to issues such as phenomena, societal, health, cultural and research problems by providing awareness and training programs with qualified cadres and high-quality technologies with the aim of improving performance, and in line with the needs of society, the Saudi Vision 2030 and the university current trends. Teaching, research, and community service are the three main functions of a university. While teaching and research reflect the academic side of a university, community service reflects a humanist awareness to raise and renew knowledge within society. In addition to contributing knowledge to develop an informed community that is better equipped to tackle complicated issues and concepts, the university trains citizens to be contributors themselves. This vision aligns with the Saudi Vision 2030 and with the university’s current trends .